MSLOVE Common Q&A Wholesale Clients Ver.

1. What kind of hair does your company sell and what is it specialized in?

MSLOVE focuses on developing and producing all kinds of products, specialized in bundles, closures, wigs, frontals and colored hair. Also, we can accept customized orders our client requests. Free logo, packages, and satin bag design and made available too.


2. How long has the company been in business?

Our company was established in 2010 and has increased to 6 factories till today. We have more than 80+ salesmen and 200+ skilled workers, also have professional logistics teams and high-quality inspection departments for wholesale customers.

3. What sets you apart from other companies?

  • We are a trading company with its own factory, a lower price with free shipping delivery.
  • Quality control: To make sure the making high-quality making of bundles, we use double-wefted technology. Moreover, our R&D department also uses special glue to make wigs stronger stay on the weft, so that avoid hairs dropping. And we also can provide the video for you if you need it.
  • Popular Lace: such as HD lace, Swiss lace and transparent lace.
  • Hair texture: straight / body wave/ loose wave/ deep wave/ curly wave, etc.
  • Customize hair service (sew-in bundles with closure to wigs)
  • Customs service: 24/7
  • Help website building and provide hair pics and video


4. Are you also selling on a marketplace like Amazon or Ali Express?

We only sell on the website


5. What is the density of your frontals and closures?

Normally for 130% density to 200% density, and also can customize 130%-400% density if you need.

6. Do the bundles and closures match in color?

Yes. We have our own factories with Standard Production Line, which can control by ourselves for color processes.


7. Are there Synthetic Fibers in hair?

No Synthetic Fibers. All products are made of 100% human hair.

We are one of the most reliable suppliers.

In order to build brands and businesses for the future and find good partners, we only sell high-quality human hairs.

8. Is the hair processed and if so, how?

We have our unique technology, breathing hair. First, put the hair to a high temperature and open hair cuticles. Then put hair into the oil and make a hair drink full of the oil. Then put hair into low temperature. There’s no chemical treatment in the whole process, to make sure the hair is not hurt, and shinning, strongest, and softest.


9. Is the hair cuticle aligned?

Yes. In order to keep the hair healthy, we don't do too much to the raw hair that we have acquired, to keep the cuticle healthy, avoid losing nutrition.

10. Virgin or raw hair?

We have both for virgin hairs and raw hairs. Just DM us to check the video if need.

11. What is the true origin of the hair?

Our raw hair materials come from different countries, such as Brazilian and Indian.

12. Is there a silicone coat applied?

It depends on the requests of our customers. (Attached in question 8)


13. What is the process to ensure high quality and how do you maintain high quality?

  • We claim a professional attitude on high-quality controls of MSLOVE. Our team travels to different places to get raw hair materials to be ensured that all the hair materials are high quality and without any processing such as dying, curling, etc.
  • 200 skilled workers, standardized production process, and professional process production line make sure our company can still have high-quality products.
  • We have professional logistics teams and quality inspection departments for wholesale customers.

14. What is the return policy?

For the return policy, we accept to return if the hair is not used. If there’s a hair quality problem, we will pay the shipping fee. If you want to return it due to your clients don’t like the hair, then you will pay the shipping fee. More policy please check the information box down the page.


15.What are the shipping conditions, in time to deliver, holiday seasons and expenses?

  • For normalorder, we have big stock and we can ship on the same day. (All bundle with closure AND wigs. Please check our hair catalog for reference. )
  • The customized order needs 3-5 business days of process time.
  • If the order happens during the holiday season, our company also can prepares the hair ASAP,and arrange the first flight after delivery companies are ready to ship.


16. Is the weight of the hair excluding Packaging?

Unit weight, for example, our one hair bundle is 100g ±5g

17. Do you change your price list often?

Due to we have our own company, we can keep the price for our key customers. Price list will NOT easily be changed unless the raw hair material market changes the price a lot.


18. What about export and import duties, who is paying?

For the tax, it needs to pay to your customs if there’s a shopping tax in your country/state.


19. Is the shipment insured and who pays the insurance fee?

We have a very long-term collaboration with many shipping delivery companies, and they do door-to-door service to make sure each package deliver safely to you and your clients. If there’s something wrong with shipping, no worries, we will contact the shipping companies.


20. Do You offer discounts to regular customers?

Yes, we do. It depends on how many you order. The more you order, the lower price for each.

21. Is the wholesale price negotiable?

Yes, it is. The more you order, the lower price it could be.

22. Do you manufacture tags, bundle bags, or shipping boxes?

We have our own designers and collab package company. So we can produce package stuff from design to make.

23. Can you arrange a private label, Drop-shipping so I can sell using my own brand name?

Yes, we do. Substitute shipping available.

24. Can I get images of the products for promotional purposes?

Sure, we can provide hair pics and video.